Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort (or Paradise Island as the locals call it), is truly one of Davao City’s tourist resorts. I had been there (many times already) and yes it didn’t change much: it continued to have been more visited on a daily basis-more tourists; more food choices.

Our most recent visit there seemed to be more unique, for there were entertainers; hence 1000s of visitors from Davao City and the provinces came in and out throughout the day. Upon reaching the resort we were instructed to pay P200 (around $5) for the entrance fee. Then one usher came over to show us that if we had brought some foods with us, then we should occupy one long table at a place reserved for the locals. Travelers are told to occupy a place close to the restaurant, for convenient servicing obviously.

Whilst Paradise Island Beach Resort is known as one of the best among the resorts you can visit whilst in Davao City, it’s actually not very ideal a place for those who want to be together alone in an indigenous Filipino hut or cottage made of bamboo and cogon grass. To me, Paradise Island is simply a one-kilometer makeshift, roofed, and open-air restaurant by the beach made of bamboos. This so-called restaurant is simply roof and bamboo posts without any form or architectural design at all worthy to be featured in a postcard for global distribution or even for Google ads. It’s simply filled with long tables being arrayed unevenly on a white sand. One thing more. At around 2:30 P.M., we had been still waiting for the sea water to reach the beach line. Low tide sent the water (over 50 meters) away from the makeshift restaurant-our taking lunch by the beach was never accented by the music of the waves as they would have supposedly kissed the sand.

So why is Paradise Island Beach Resort being flooded with people? Well, Paradise Island is not only just a kilometer-long bamboo restaurant, for it is also a small-scale seminar center. Near its restaurant you’ll find cottages for those who want to stay at the resort overnight. Honeymooners love this place as it is located along the mountainous beach line of the Samal Group of Islands.

Even as we travelled bound for Paradise Island we had been amazed at the volume of cars flowing in to Samal by means of a barge ferrying the Davao City-Samal City route once every 15 minutes, 24 hours daily.

Paradise Island Beach Resort is really a place worth visiting. The wide selection of food crew you can nudge for assistance, the 15-minute boat ride, the line of pearl stores-well, Paradise Island is the bonsai version of Boracay-but with one great difference, for it is situated very close to Davao City, where one can stay in world class hotels or do your shopping spree-the City being known to have been flooded just recently with super malls, one of the greatest things there is in most populous Philippine cities as Davao City.

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