Melvin Odicta

He started cooking at a young age and the first memorable dish I remember making was baklava. I was in the 5th grade and my English teacher gave the class an assignment to define the word baklava. I remember running home that day and flipping through my dad’s 20 pound dictionary looking up this strange word I had never heard of. I was so excited when I found the word in the dictionary I carried the heavy dictionary to school the next day and proudly shared the definition. I don’t remember the exact definition, but it was something close to dessert of the Greek gods. The teacher announced that one of the students was having a baklava making party after school and everyone in the class was welcome to go. I jumped at the opportunity and my mother was so wonderful to drive me to the cooking lesson.
To this day, I still remember melting the butter, brushing the phyllo dough, chopping the nuts and squeezing the honey. I feel in love with baklava and it is one of my favorite desserts. It was so much fun to explore new ways of cooking and ever since then, I always volunteer for any cooking adventures from the school bake sale to potlucks and dinner parties. These events give me an opportunity to explore new ideas and share them with people. My love for cooking didn’t lead me to culinary school and I don’t have a food related job, but food is my passion. I cook every opportunity I get, which is almost every day. I enjoy it today just as much as I did when I made baklava for the first time, if not more. I started this blog to remember the dishes that I create and to share them with friends and family. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and try some of these recipes.