So why do you want to journey to Bali?

A Journey to Bali is definitely a great experience. Bali is really a unique destination for the curious and also the intelligent. However for those tourists who are just exploring the world for the purpose of pleasure and sightseeing, Bali isn’t any different from other tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. It is only beaches, mountains, hotels, and countless foreigners. However if you are more of an observant foreigner, Bali is really so unique a place that it is one of the better places, in my opinion, to travel to before you die. Why?

One good reason is that of all Indonesia the Balinese people have a culture so distinctive that you’ll be amazed of their ingenuity and brilliance. Although their practices, which are more Buddhist in nature and spirit, are quite ancient and rare in the world, their obvious resistance to Western-like modernization, has made them more appealing to tourists.

My first opinion with the Balinese is that they are lovers of art. Even as we toured around their City, Denpasar, we observed unfinished sculpture and other works of art in a number of places. Wood carvings and pieces of furniture made of hard wood abound in loads. They have giants (tree-high) statues in their Cultural Center.

Another very uniquely Balinese is their temple-flooded island. I haven’t seen such a conviction or maybe fanaticism in temple worship. 90% of homes and buildings have private temples-of closely similar design. Close to ¼ of very precious commercial and strategically-located spaces in the city is wasted with little temples, as if every last family has its own god and this god lives in the family temple.

Within our hotel at the Holiday Inn located near the airport, I noticed a particular hotel employee giving offerings to the hotel’s little temple, the size of a public telephone booth. Prior to placing the offerings on the temple’s offering window (may be the Balinese version of an altar), said offerer uttered some form of a prayer while raising his right hand the way a court witness does before giving a testimony. In the streets, as we traveled, we noticed literally dozens of temples freshly offered with a teaspoonful of rice, money and other colorful stuff (perhaps sliced vegetables or flowers!) we didn’t have time to investigate what.

The flavors of their foods is not as good in our experience.

Do you wish to journey to Bali, Indonesia? Yes, why not! It’s a tourist destination in the end.

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