Backpacking Iloilo City

It was subsequently my third visit to Asia and my first time coming to the famed ‘City of Love’ so I’d been pleasantly thrilled, to put it mildly.
Iloilo City is without question a growing travel destination with a great deal of attractions.

Tourism definitely looks like it’s in fast development here with lots of construction taking place through the entire city.

I stayed put for just a a few weeks and took down some notes for those of you considering backpacking the city of Iloilo. Fun Fact: Iloilo was once called the queen city of the south, a title which happens to be now linked to Cebu.

My Notes

Regarding transport, it’s actually comparatively uncomplicated, a lot more. Riding local jeepneys while in the city was easier than going around in the Philippines capital, Manila.

Security wise, going all over the city felt pretty safe. Usually as foreigner  in a foreign country you should be ‘on look-out’  but  I felt secure. My local friends had explained to me to stay away from some areas within the city.

To be a backpacker finding someplace to be at no cost |is  perfect. In this trip I checked throughout my circle of friends to determine whether or not they knew any locals from the city. Funnily enough one of my freinds had that connection. Filipinos are exceedingly accommodating and friendly, these folks did earn their title ‘the city of love’.

Now, food. Practically nothing more significant while on a trip than tasting what’s local. And indisputably, if you love food than Iloilo is a wonderful destination for you. I practically ate my whole time in this brilliant city. I ate much more than actually seeing the sights, and that is actually a plus since I’m already planning my next trip back. From many forms of street food to siopao, pancit molo, La Paz Batchoy along with other different types of Signature Ilonggo dishes (home cooking too, from my wonderful hosts) the city of love’s food offering were simply amazing.

Like i said previously above I failed to discover what else was around although the places that I kept going back to were wonderful. Daily walks at esplanade Iloilo were always great and going out at smallville Iloilo experiencing and enjoying the local nightlife was great too. I to traveled to Guimaras Island and went island hopping, in addition to that I mostly stayed inside the city. During my brief stay, in the city of love, the greatest thing that Iloilo  offered wasn’t the entertainment or sights, it turned out the folks themselves (plus the food). I’ve never experienced that sort of hospitality at any time before, it was like I became a part of their family, the city of love lives up to its iconic namesake.

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