What is The Dance Muse?

When I made this site, I had a lot in mind . No matter what kind of site I went to, I've always wanted to share the and write about the things I read. Business? No problem. Travel? Food? Who doesn't love food?!?! Just trying to get articles going,
This blog is my perfect outlet for it.

Drilon accuser famous for shifting political loyalties

ILOILO CITY, Philippines-Manuel “Boy” Mejorada isn't any stranger to political controversy. (As seen in the video below) [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkLJkf1j-_k[/embed] The previous… Read More

A trip to Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort at Davao City

Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort (or Paradise Island as the locals call it), is truly one of Davao City’s… Read More

The Best Taxis in Iloilo City

On the subject of trying to get a taxi in Iloilo, taking out your Smartphone to order a ride has… Read More